Architectural Design

OTS Eng & Consuntancy company also provides services in the area of Architectural Design. We have equally thorough approach to each project in order to get innovative, historically and environmentally friendly, functional and environmentally relevant architectural design.

To produce a relevant design, at the stage of floor plans development we perform comprehensive analysis of such factors as project location, its relation with the environment, land plot structure, advantages and disadvantages of the area of the construction, climatic conditions, natural disaster risk in the area and other factors.

In particular, during developing an architectural design for industrial complexes, at the stage of floor plans development we, with great care, approach issues of master plan related with structural functions, such as circulation of workers, visitors and transport from the standpoint of the complex safety and functionality.

We strive to produce highly effective designs by integrating architectural priorities and principles of engineering at the stage of floor plans development. This provides optimal implementation processes thanks to lack of conflicts between disciplines that helps the elimination of revisions.

Our goal is completing our projects in the most efficient way by synthesizing contemporary technological development with the design and using every possible opportunity. Using three-dimensional design and analysis programs such as Revit and Tekla, which support the BIM method, helps to increase efficiency of all teams involved in the project and reduce probability of errors and conflicts. In addition, these design and analysis programs also provide significant benefits for our customers by demonstration of the design and completed project before the construction phase and provide accurate and prompt decisions and feedback.