Most buildings in our country do not meet the requirements of current seismic regulations. This imposes a major threat to countries like Turkey which are located on active fault lines. In addition, there are many aspects such as change of intended use (for example, converting a residential building into a polyclinic or educational institution) or the fact that the building is a historical monument, which may also require structural interventions.

For this reason, strengthening is an issue of very serious consideration. Design for strengthening is the product that requires not only technical and desk work, but also thorough work on feasibility and implementation stages on site. Unlike the designing a new building, strengthening projects incorporate detailed specific solutions for each existing structure and weak spots of the building.

The main goal OTS Eng & Consuntancy producing is accurate, high quality and feasible projects using innovative solutions come out of the years of experience in the area of structural strengthening and also broad range of laboratıory tests carried out during their academic lifes. . We provide alternative solutions for structures that require strengthening within current standards using both traditional reinforcement materials, such as reinforced concrete and steel, along with fiber glass/carbon. At the same time, we develop designs taking into account efficiency and sustainability without compromising financial and aesthetic aspects.

Our basic principles in the designing strengthening projects are as follows:
• Nonlinear earthquake performance analysis for optimized measures
• Structural interventions that comply with current standards
• Innovative and alternative methods
• Economic and aesthetic solutions
• Details applicable on site
• Efficiency, sustainability