Fire Safety Engineering

Structural fire engineering is a discipline that produces solutions suitable for the target fire safety performance conditions of a structure within a reinforced concrete, steel or wood load bearing system and addresses its effect on the function and elements of the structure. Structural fire safety engineering can range from developing simple guidance to comprehensive analysis. Decisions on the measures to be taken for ensuring safety of structural units in case of fire are made after analysis and calculations.

The goal of fire protection application is to prevent the collapse of the structure during calculated/targeted time period and providing structural fire safety. OTS Proje Müşavirlik experts determine fire performance by checking capacity losses that may occur in the structure during a fire either based on cross-sections of structural elements or the whole structure. We design the building to be structurally resistant to target fire level by examining such issues as thickness of the concrete cover of structural elements and vertical load rate for the structure during structural design stage.

Using our experience in this area we offer following services:
• Providing of alternative solutions using fire protection materials
• Optimization of structural elements dimensions and concrete cover thickness
• Improving design efficiency
• Detailed structural design
• Optimization of cost and performance.