Seismic Protection and Structural Engineering

Earthquakes in Turkey are the most dangerous natural disaster causing loss of lifes and public property. Life Safety is the target performance criterion in the design of new buildings and strengthening projects. In other words, the structure may suffer some damage during an earthquake, but there will be no local or complete destruction and people will be able to evacuate from the building safely. However, according to our regulations, there are some types of structures and functions, where this criterion is not considered sufficient and higher target performance criterion is determined. The buildings' special functions (for example, healthcare buildings) depending on public benefit they must remain in service during and after the earthquake is an important design criteria implied by the regulations. Therefore, in Structural Engineering, the service function of the structure is an initial point that directly affects the target design criteria and is of the first priority to the design engineer.

Engineers of OTS Eng & Consuntancy company, who have both academic background and experience in consultancy and implementation of seismic protection in structural engineering, confidently develop a great number of such project. Our services in the area of structural engineering include determination of seismic performance, seismic hazard analysis, seismic-resistant design of new and critical structures, strengthening weak structures, as well as production of optimal and alternative structural solutions for large span structures.
Our design projects offer optimal solutions for seismic protection and structural design using following approaches:
• Pushover Analysis
• Earthquake Risk Analysis
• Nonlinear Time History
• Post-Tension Structural Design
• Mega Truss Steel Structure Solutions.
With help of the latest technology products, such as seismic insulation, dampers, fiber materials, we increase earthquake performance of our designs, also we take into account the factors sensitive for an investor, such as economic optimization and implementation period.