Complex-Master Plan-Feasibility

Each aspect of complex projects require extensive analysis taking into account like; relationship between different functions of the units that comprise the complex, relations of the functions and the whole area with the environment, location and surface of the area. This analysis requires sophisticated thinking, comprehensive collaboration and coordination between disciplines and users.

OTS Eng & Consuntancy company considers not only present time but also the future, in order to make the most efficient decisions by optimizing spatial, economical and environmental factors of the complex. Our complex designs are developed in line with current needs of the final users and spatial functions to be performed on the site, as well as needs that will or may arise in the future. Besides, we schedule construction considering needs of units according to their function priority so that construction process goes on without any interruptions.

Planning policy at the design of a project is identified after obtaining clear understanding of user needs by analyzing different professional disciplines, such as land coding, advantages, risks, disaster risks, infrastructure requirements, etc. Our expert team provides evaluation and coordination of the analysis within relevant professional branches that results in making correct decisions for constructing a complex and generating master plans.

Present and future strategies are implemented in master plans with the help of projects that are meticulously developed considering multiple factors and data.