OTS Eng & Consuntancy company has been providing consultancy services in the area of confirming compliance with national and international standards, monitoring academic publications and making academic publication in structural engineering since 1965. Architects and engineers of our team play an active role in developing technical design of a project as well as ensuring the application of the designed project on site perfectly.

Our team has extensive experience in detection of possible project weaknesses in reinforced concrete structures, historical structures and prefabricated buildings of all functions, determination of seismic damage incurred on site using experimental and analytical methods, development of detailed solutions and documentation on on-site supervision at the stage of the project implementation.
The company provides following consulting services:
• Technical consultancy on field application of the design
• Project Consultancy / Design Control
• Quality control
• Consultancy on equipment and material selection
• Cost control
• Disciplines coordination
• Ensuring the application of the design at site according to the planed schedule and designed projects.