Field Application

CARBON / GLASS FIBER, as defined in Turkish Seismic Code, LP (Fiber Polymer), is used for eliminating overlap weakness in columns, increasing the shear strength in columns and beams, increasing unit deformation ability of concrete with help of confining columns (smaller damage occurrence in large deformations), increasing moment carrying capacity of beams and providing characteristics of load bearing walls to existing masonry walls.

During anti-seismic and other type of structural strengthening of historical and masonry buildings special attention is paid to the requirement of preserving historical appearance and original structure. In this event, application of traditional reinforcement methods may cause certain difficulties and problems, such as changing original structure or historical appearance, increasing weight, interaction of steel, reinforced concrete and other materials with existing brick or masonry elements. These disadvantages of classical structural strengthening methods and materials can be eliminated by applying carbon or glass fiber applied with special mortar, and/or polymer materials based on carbon fiber and epoxy.

OTS Eng & Consuntancy Company's experts have special knowledge about renovation and strengthening of reinforced concrete and masonry structures using Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber, which they have gained from laboratory research and publications of the material founder academicians. Thanks to personally conducted laboratory experiments, studying and evaluating their results, and monitoring the latest developments in this area, OTS Company has become a leading expert in the area of "Renovating and strengthening works using carbon and glass fiber" projects.

With the purpose of providing even more efficient solutions and expanding the product range, our company, being an executive distributor of BASF Company in the field of renovating and strengthening, has been registered as a distributor of an Italian company which manufactures various materials for reconstruction and strengthening of historical structures.

In the framework of its R&D activities, OTS Proje Müşavirlik Company also produces exclusive structural design solutions using fiber-polymer materials.