Historical Monuments

In recent years, the society as well as private and public institutions tend to be more sensitive about the issue of transferring cultural heritage of our country to new generations. One of the greatest talents of OTS Eng & Consuntancy in this area is producing solutions for strengthening historical buildings in accordance with the principles of restoration. We provide services in the area of developing structural design for restoration of historical buildings keeping valuable structures that have been preserved from the past to our days, and minimizing the risk of their damage from dynamic and seismic activities.

When developing designs for strengthening historical structures that have been preserved to nowadays, we carefully monitor and study modern innovative approaches to minimization of dynamic and seismic loads as well as contemporary materials used globally which allow us to continually increase our qualification in this area. One of our main goals is increasing our technical competence and experience with each new project of restoration of historical structures.

Priorities of OTS Company when working on historical structures can be listed as follows:

- Searching for approaches of the principles of restoration, keeping in mind the fact that the existing structure is a historical monument,
- Trying to minimize the structural interventions ensuring that historical monuments are protected against possible structural risks in accordance with the regulations in force,
- Producing optimized solutions by making structure performance-cost comparison,
- Developing advanced and innovative details by examining the methods applied to historical buildings on the global level.